I live and do my artwork near Bath, in Somerset and regularly paint specific and favourite landscapes to commission.  

 MY PAINTINGS are usually records of places, landscapes and remembered moments. More particularly I delight in specific natural features, which might be seen, for example, in a tree, the effect of light, the movement of water and the human form as well. 

WHAT ELSE?  In my paintings I attempt to share a lively response to something seen, that, although personal, may also resonate in others when successful. Thus that moment, when our attention is caught before thought by a sight of visual wit, coincidence,  intensity or sheer beauty, can be held before it changes or we move on. 

HOW?  I work in a manner that moves between close observation and a more gestural abstraction. I prefer to use a variety of materials in my work on paper; watercolour, gouache and inks, combined with the textural qualities of Conte, chalk pastels and charcoal. The latter is my favourite 'solo' medium.  

The subject matter and the original source of a picture are important throughout, as locked into them are the qualities, however abstract, and my responses to them that held my attention in the first place. These are the cues for starting a picture and in which the corresponding patterns and marks, you hope, go some way to rekindling and celebrating that excitement first experienced on location.